My view on things



My view on things and a little about me


Let me rephrase because "philosophy" is a big word which is too often used (misused) when talking about fly fishing. I don't think Plato, Socrates, Nietzsche nor Heidegger's thoughts came even close to our world, although certain thoughts that pervade us can be assimilated to the fascinating theories of the philosophers.

I have been making rods for various years thanks to the help and assistance by my mentors like Alberto Poratelli, Gabriele Gori and Marco Giardina. The pragmatism of Poratelli taught me to work quickly and without too many machines. Gabriele Gori who is an Engineer by profession, introduced me into the world of the scientific approach to rodmaking. Marco Giardina's infinite knowledge of anything and everybody involved in the rodmaking world has taught me to appreciate the historical part of our passion (without history there is no memory) and has often dispensed invaluable advice on those little (large) problems that every rodmaker comes up against. 

Among the other rodmakers I have to thank is Rolf Baginski who gave me a brief course and taught me a number of his tricks!! 

But getting back to my way of thinking. I love bamboo rods and they have become an integral part of my existance. I spend various hours a day in my shop striving to improve my techniques: I love fast action rods for 3 and 4 weight lines, mostly because I have been formed as fishermen in the small fast flowing rivers of central Italy and precisely in Tuscany. Yes...we have trout in Tuscany and some great rivers. My main production embraces progressive action rods between 6' 6" and 7' 6" although I am currently working on a slightly longer taper in the hope that I will get to an 8' rod with a suitable action.


I only use the best bamboo from Andy Royer. I use the best hardware available on the market (Bellinger, Snakebrand, CSE,  etc) . I use the best Portugues  flor cork I can find. I have all the equipment to make my own hardware and I do make somvery pleasant reelseats! I use the best silk wrapping threads available on the market -some of which are manufactured directly in Europe (YLI, Au ver a soie, Pearsall's etc).








Down locking



Up locking reel seat


The bamboo renaissance which started a few years back in the US has created much interest in fishermen who have never even wiggled a bamboo rod. The usual question is: which is better bamboo or synthetic fibers! I prefer to not answer this question. Both have advantages and disadvantages but one characteristic in favour or Bamboo rods is that they have a character ans a soul (a big word!!). No two hand planed rods are the same and if looked after properly they will last forever!! I recently fished with a Hardy rod dating to the early 1900's. The action was terrible but it worked and even looked good.  


And I was forgetting - I fish with Terenzio silk lines hand made by my good friend Terenzio Zandri from Rome!! The best natural and synthetic fly lines available on the market!! To not speak about his excellent Loom Woven Flies!!

Anyway this is my "philosophy" or my way of thinking.


By the way, all my rods have a life time life time of course!! That is if the rods are used for the purpose they were designed for. SO no using a small three or four weight 7'6" rod to fish reservoir trout!! 


To all those who own and fish with my rods...Tight lines always!!!



Moreno Borriero